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Portable Valve Actuators and Tools

KaMOS® Portable Valve Actuator increases the efficiency when opening and closing manually operated heavy duty valves, head valves and gas transport valves for on- and offshore industry.

KaMOS® supply the world wide market with portable valve actuators for manually operated valves. A unique combination of product quality, professional skills and expertise from demanding applications enables us to provide customers with the right technical solution, regardless of complexity, codes or standards.The KaMOS® Portable Valve Actuator can operate on valves in all positions and is reversible. It is driven with air pressure and one actuator can be used for several valves. Enormous time and work savings can be achieved when used on manual valves, which can take from 15 min to several hours to operate by hand.

The instrument was designed in co-operation with supervisors and operators who operate work on valves daily. The KaMOS® Portable Valve Actuator is cost effective and releases workmen for other work. For valves taking up to 4 man- hours to open and close, KaMOS® Portable Valve Actuator will perform the same work in 5 minutes taking only one man to operate.

The KaMOS® Actuator is patented and was released in 1989. The instrument is now being used in most industries that have manual valves. Because it is air driven, the KaMOS® Portable Valve Actuator has no explosive danger for operating explosive fluid.

KaMOS® produces the actuator in two sizes. An original sized KaMOS® Portable Valve Actuator (type 101000) has a stronger force / torque suitable for manual, heavy duty valves. And a KaMOS® Portable Valve Actuator MINI (type 102000) of smaller dimensions for use on manual light duty valves.

Both KaMOS® Portable Valve Actuator’s has an adjustable air- in twisting handle/valve. It is also reversible.

KaMOS® Drive Plate for the KaMOS® Portable Valve Actuator’s are specially designed for the instrument and will be delivered with all parts needed for installation at the valve wheel.

KaMOS® Storage Box (type 103000), in aluminum, is available to ensure proper care and maintenance of the equipment. It includes within, an air filter, lubrication device, automatic hose reel and reduction valve to adjust the speed and torque to the desired level. It is designed to be stationary stored by the air outlet, but can also be delivered on a trolley.