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Advantages of using KaMOS® Patented RTJ Gasket:

  • The flange is tested for leaks before the process pressure is applied
  • Flanges that would not otherwise be leak or pressure tested (such as blind flanges to isolate spools) can be tested
  • Certainty that the seal actually seals all contact surfaces (primary and secondary sides)
  • Time of testing is significantly reduced, resulting in significantly less downtime due to leak testing
  • KaMOS® Test Equipment is simple and easy to use
  • Necessary volumes of nitrogen required for testing are minimal, which means that large quantities of test medium will be saved compared with conventional leak testing
  • The method can also be used for continuous monitoring of seals by equipping the annular space with an indicator of gas pressure
  • The pressurization line can be used to feed in liquid sealant in case of emergency
  • Future surveillance for leakages of flanged connections
  • The test will offer a safety benefit and an economic benefit because at an early stage it will detect flange connections which are basically leaky
  • The KaMOS® method is DNV approved and is reported to have compared favour with conventional methods in test program run at the Statoil F&U laboratory and has over the past years been adapted for a number of projects by Total, Cameron, BP, Shell UK and many others.