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KaMOS® Patented Kammprofil Gasket

Karmsund Maritime Offshore Supply AS (KaMOS®) developed and have since 2005 offered the leak test method for flanges with raised face and flat face that determine whether tightness has been achieved on all sealing surfaces before the flange and pipe are subjected to internal pressure, as well as monitoring the flange connections for future leakages.

The KaMOS® method is based on pressurizing the annular space between primary and secondary sealing using test medium. If no pressure loss is recorded the seal is deemed tight.

The test gas is applied using a small portable equipment containing: pressure bottle, manometer and hoses. This test equipment is designed to enable flanges to be tested on a one- off basis without pressurizing entire system.

The KaMOS® gasket may be used several times in installations by getting new sealing material on the metallic core.