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KaMOP® offers all types of standard steel gaskets supplied in accordance with relevant standards and are available in a wide range of materials.

  • Ring Joint Gaskets
  • Specialized Ring Joint Gaskets
  • Kammprofil Gaskets
  • Soft Cut Products
  • Machined Gaskets

The ring joint was initially developed for high pressure/temperature applications found in petroleum industry, the main use being in the oil field on drilling and completion equipment.

However, today this product range can also be found on valves and pipework assemblies, along with some high integrity pressure vessel joints.

  • Ring joint gasket – Style R. Also available in SR style.
    • Available in both oval and octagonal configurations, both types being interchangeable on the modern flat bottomed type groove flanges. Standard style R ring joints are manufactured in accordance with both API 6A and ASME B16.20 size/ratings. Can also be supplied in SR style.

  • Ring joint gasket – Style RX. Also available in SRX style.

    • The style RX is a pressure energized adaptation of the standard Style R ring joint. As the RX is designed to fit the same groove design as a Standard Style R, the joints are interchangeable. The modified design uses a pressure energized effect which improves the efficiency of the seal as the internal pressure of the system increases. Can also be supplied in SRX style.
  • Ring joint gasket – Style BX. Also available in SBX style.
    • The style BX pressure energized ring joints, manufactures in accordance with API 6A, are designed for use on pressurised systems up to 20.000 psi. All BX gaskets incorporate a pressure balance hole to ensure equalisation of pressure which may be trapped in the grooves. Can also be supplied in SBX style.