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Back seal testing

By using a unique patented technique KaMOS® has developed a sealing arrangement for pipe systems which incorporates surveillance of flange conventions for all sizes. The method will be able to provide a quick and effective control as to whether the flange connection is intact before the flange receives system pressure. This will offer large safety benefits and the risk of leaks after maintenance actions will be reduced.

Experience shows leaks to have been a safety problem. Our solution will also offer major economic savings since our leaktest method is significantly faster than traditional leak testing. Production can recommence faster after a maintenance action. Also, there will be a decrease in the volumes of nitrogen/helium used since the test equipment requires only tiny amounts of gas.

The principle applied in the leak test is based on pressurizing the annular space above and below the seal ring. If no pressure loss is experienced in this pressurization, the seal is deemed tight.

The test pressure is applied to the annular space by drilling a hole through the flange into one of the annular spaces. Pressure can be equalized between the annular spaces by drilling a hole through the seal ring from the upper to the lower annular space.